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In the World

Our Partners

Service helps us to build relationships with those in our community. Scripture teaches that if we want to experience God, if we want to serve him, if we want communion with him, then we need to be in relationship with the poor, the prisoner, the hungry, the sick.

In the community we partner with several unique organizations with the goal of investing in our community and sharing the love of Christ. Each of our partners has it’s own unique focus, and Holy Trinity is honored to have the opportunity to come alongside them as they pursue acts of justice and acts of mercy.

Central/South America Eye Clinics

In cooperation with the Lions Club, Holy Trinity periodically provides a team of volunteers to travel to Bolivia or other Latin American countries to conduct eye clinics in poor villages.

Lazarus Project (Haiti)

Holy Trinity works with the Lazarus Project in Haiti to help provide schooling and meals for children living in poverty. Holy Trinity volunteers have made work trips to Haiti, and Holy Trinity also has raised money for a Lazarus Project health clinic.

EL Salvador

The community-based ministries of the Salvadoran Lutheran Church focus on care of creation, disaster prevention and mitigation, holistic health care, HIV and AIDS awareness, human rights, and advocacy. The Lutheran World Federation’s El Salvador program is also an ELCA companion.