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Note: if accessing via phone, please rotate your screen.  If the online giving form below does not appear after a few seconds, please try using another browser if you would like to donate online. Thank you!

Why We Give

We give in joyful response to God’s love for us and in grateful recognition that everything we have comes from God. We give so that others may also experience God’s love through the work of the church.

How Much We Give

We give not out of obligation, but as an act of worship. Our giving is an expression of our confidence in God’s promise to take care of our every need. We will never out-give our God. So, we strive to practice the spiritual discipline of giving by moving along a continuum: first time giver — occasional giver — intentional giver — tither — extravagant giver. No matter where we fall on the continuum, God wants us to trust him completely and give joyfully without fear.

How Often We Give

We give regularly and intentionally to support God’s work through the Church. Look below to learn about the ways you can give.

How To Give

In Worship

Make giving a part of your worship experience by placing a check or cash in the offering plate.


We encourage those who give regularly to set up a payment through your bank’s online bill paying service. This is a great option because it is low cost, and it is an easy way to make giving a regular practice in your life.


You can mail your gift to our office (3022 Woodlawn Ave Falls Church VA 22042).

Non-Cash Gifts

Non-cash gifts of stocks or bonds or other gift planning can provide you with some great tax benefits. Please contact the church office for more information.