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Forum is convened from 10:00 am to 11:00 am on Sundays to discuss matters of faith in daily life, with an emphasis of the “Monday calling” of the Christian.  Forum frequently features a guest speaker, and a schedule of Forum topics is provided in advance in the church bulletin and newsletter.  Click here for a list of topics covered in Forum (2011-2016).


Holy Trinity Forum: Your opportunity to learn, share and grow in your commitment and Christian calling


Holy Trinity Forum has been an element of our congregation’s Sunday morning adult education program since 1978.  Forum often focuses on “life between Sundays,” …. providing an opportunity to share and consider how our faith informs and directs our weekday Christian practice, our occupational callings, and volunteer and other service priorities.  Here are some facts about the last 10 years of forum programs.


During the years 2006 through 2010, average Forum attendance was 21 (median 21, and maximum of 44).


Over the years, Forum programs fall into the following categories:



1) Holy Trinity: HT-focused programs; i.e., council updates; pastoral messages and priorities; HT program areas such as the music program, the Sunday school, the Endowment fund, and the physical plant, etc.


2) Word: Theological issues; church practice; doctrine; liturgy; church policies from ELCA national or synodical conferences and meetings, including ELCA social statements.


3) Ministry: Service to others — Local, Regional, National, International; e.g., FACETS hypothermia prevention, Graham Rd. School, eye clinics in El Salvador, LSS/NCA, Lutheran World Relief and other aid for international development by governmental bodies and NGO’s, etc.


4) Personal: HT’s “Living Library;” opportunities to hear about our members’ life stories and their faith journeys.


5) World: Scientific, social, political and cultural issues; issues of war, peace, global resources and sustainable development, etc.


6) “Pot luck”: Idea gathering and forum planning; Ad hoc sessions; Attendees’-choice sessions.



Over the course of a year one can find lots of different “flavors” served up on Sunday mornings in Forum.  If you’re not already a regular participant in one of Holy Trinity’s Sunday morning adult education programs, you might consider adding Forum to the list of places to share your coffee with fellow HT members and guests.  It’s “your opportunity to learn, share, and grow in your commitment and Christian calling.”