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Holy Trinity Lutheran Church | Faith Outside the Box
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Faith Outside the Box

About “Faith Outside the Box” at Holy Trinity


How do we find new direction and meaning when our faith traditions and ancient faith practices confront science and modern Biblical scholarship?  Through readings* and regular discussions† this group explores how our traditional beliefs can be refined anew and be refitted for today’s world of scientific knowledge and modern scholarship.  Rediscovering the core Christian message; discerning the path of Jesus for today’s world; and discovering what a meaningful “walk of faith” can look like in this context are goals of “Faith Outside the Box.”  Through its discussions, the group provides an environment of support, openness and creativity for those willing to explore beyond their current understandings.



Readings draw from contemporary Christian scholars and authors such as Elaine Pagels, Brian McLaren, Karen Armstrong, John Spong, Diana Butler Bass, Marcus Borg, and John Dominic Crossan, who are reexamining and reinterpreting the Christian message for the modern age, as well as authors such as Paul Davies and John Polkinghorne who examine issues of faith in light of science.  Click here for a complete list of the F.O.B. books read so far.



For those interested in pursuing this line of study, but not interested in tackling all the books listed in the previous link, the attached table provides an abbreviated list of the books deemed most highly recommended by many members of the F.O.B. group over the years, in roughly descending order.